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The Art of Efficient Meetings

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byVexxit Staff onSeptember 15, 2020

Meetings can take up a big portion of your workdays and cut into productive time. Here are some tips to make them more efficient.

Meetings. They creep into our day ever so slightly, yet they seem to take up a lot of space. So much space that according to online meeting provider Fuze, ineffective meetings waste an estimated $37 billion a year. Now that’s a lot of wasted time.

So whether it’s a straggler showing up late again or an unclear agenda, try out a few of these tips and strategies that may help keep your team on time, and on track every time you schedule a meeting.

Acknowledge the Need

One of the very first steps to running an efficient meeting should happen before you even step foot in the room. Prior to sending off that meeting request, ask yourself if this meeting is entirely necessary. Can it be communicated through a quick phone call or email? And if not, do all the participants you plan to invite really need to be there?

Set An Agenda

This might seem like an obvious idea, but the majority of meetings begin with no formal objective or purpose. Whether it’s summarized within the meeting request itself or verbally discussed at the onset of the meeting, an agenda helps keep the conversations on track.

It’s important for your employees or colleagues to know what the meeting is about, what will be covered and what their role will once they leave the meeting.

Stick to the Clock

Slipping into a meeting once it’s already started has kind of become the norm, but it can be incredibly disrespectful and distracting to your team members. While you can’t always control what happens, show up to the meeting on time, and acknowledge that there is a hard stop. Putting a hard stop on a meeting ensures that everyone will respect the time, cover everything on the agenda and allows everyone to get back to their work.

End With Clear Objectives

Save the last 5 minutes of your meeting to cover next steps, which should cover who is responsible for what and by when. It’s important for employees to feel as though they clearly understand what is expected of them once they leave the boardroom. Another solution for setting clear expectations is to simply send out a brief recap.

Even though meetings are supposed to be an efficient way for teams to productively communicate and discuss ideas, more times than not, they aren’t. However, implementing these tips and strategies can help turn things around each time a meeting request pops into your inbox.

Find An HR Consultant

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