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Professional Spotlight

Todd Schmekel

Financial Advisor
Edward Jones Investments
Calgary, Alberta

Financial Advisor

  • Divorce Specialist
  • Financial Planning - Personal
  • Retirement Planning

Quick Facts

  • Favourite destinations

    Egypt - Best trip ever, Any where Caribbean, Europe
  • Favourite movie

    Lord of the Rings
  • Currently reading

    The Millionaire Next Door, Why, and The Way of Kings
  • Strongest personality trait

  • Favourite activities

    Ski, Camp, Read, Travel and Family

Todd’s ability to positively impact lives has always been his goal. He spent 25 years in education as a teacher, principal and senior leader. Todd has run his own technology business and travelled extensively throughout the world. If there's one thing he’s learned, when we take the complex and make it simple, we are all more likely to find success. Todd has taken this adage and applied it to his practice at Edward Jones.


  • Tell us about your work.

    I work with professionals, families and small businesses to help them create financial plans that allow them to reach their goals and often with more money. I also help business/professionals establish business succession plans, minimize tax and maximize the funds they have in their corporation. Most corporation owners have "dusty" money in their corps. Money that isn't working for them and/or they don't know how to get it out of their corporation and into their retirement plans.

  • How did you come to join your organization?

    I wanted to join an organization that didn't have a product to sell. For example the banks sell bank mutual funds, GICs and other investment. I think this creates a conflict of interest. I wanted to be free to choice from a wide variety of investments and to find those that best suit the client's needs. I wanted to have the flexibility in my practice to work with the people I respect and not be forced to work with an individual because they have X number of dollars or more. I also didn't want to work for a shareholder. Companies often put the shareholder before the client. Edward Jones is a partnership. There is no shareholder to focus on so this allows me to focus on the clients I work with. I also didn't want to work for a firm that was an underwriter. Firms that underwrite often as advisors to use products simply because they have underwritten the product. It's often not the best choice for the client. Finally I wanted to be able to work for myself. Because we are a partnership it is much the same as being an independent business owner.

  • Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

    The biggest influence on my career has been my mom. She taught me from an early age that money and saving aren't goals unto themselves but by planning our financial picture we can create opportunities for ourselves.

  • Name one skill you think every good professional should have.

    Every professional should have the ability to make complex situations simple and understandable.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

    The clients and their stories. Each person / family /business is unique. Each has had successes and failures. Their stories inform their goals and in listening and helping I've learned a lot of what it means to be understanding, compassionate and a partner in a plan.

  • What's your best advice for a new professional in your field?

    Put the client first at all times. Trust and a solid relationship are the bedrock of building a successful practice.

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