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The Power of Teams: Strategies to Build High-Impact Teams & Deliver Business Results

Clock60 min. read
byJudy Murphy, Murphy's Executive Leadership

People and their teams are the key drivers to organizational success. There are five critical areas that leaders need to pay attention to ensure that their organizations stay relevant and add value. In this webinar, we explore each of the five critical areas for organizations who are ready to increase their impact, retention and long-term sustainability.

The late Professor Reg Ravens once advised that “your learning must be greater and faster than the speed by which your environment is changing around you.” Otherwise, as Professor Ravens explains, you are on the “Darwinian road to extinction”.

Watch a free webinar with celebrated Canadian consultant Judy Murphy for actionable tips to keep your business relevant and adding value.

Here are the key topics we cover in the webinar:

  • New leadership development approaches

  • What a high value team looks like & why it’s important

  • Environmental, social & governance trends

  • Attracting, engaging & retaining staff

  • Systemic team coaching

  • Five critical areas of a high-value team

  • Team coaching in action

Work with a team coach or business consultant

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