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How to Build a Positive and Supportive Remote Work Culture

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byVexxit Staff onJune 22, 2021

Building culture in a 100% remote based work environment can be tough. Yet, it is possible to have a really positive, supportive, team-oriented company culture. Here are some strategies you can implement from the VP of Marketing at Vexxit.

There’s no professional way to say this, so here it goes…I love my team. They inspire me every day.  They challenge me every week.  They make me a better leader month after month.  

I get compliments about the team all the time. People enjoy their interactions with them, they comment on their positive vibe and eagerness to place their concerns at the forefront.  It’s an energy that is genuine and resonates with anyone that comes in contact with the team. 

There are currently two people on my team that I have never met in person.  The others, I can count on one hand the number of times I have been in the same room with them.  We are a 100% remote based environment, even pre-pandemic.  And yet, we have a really positive, supportive, team-oriented company culture.  

How did we do it?

1. Expectations of attitude are set based on underlying principles. 

a.  Be open to feedback

b.  No team politics.

c.  Be authentic.

2. Lead by example.

3. Stay connected with each other

4. Over-communicate

5. No one struggles alone / no one wins alone. 

A few practical ways that we accomplish and put it all into practice:

  • We have a daily stand-up meeting at 9:00am.  Daily?  People question me about that all time, but it is crucial to our success working remotely.  Very quickly an individual can fall out of routine but, having that one foundational event every day is vitally important.  

  • As the team leader, I give a lot of feedback so in return I have to be able to receive it.  I also have to invite it in a non-threatening way. Often, I will tell the team to go ahead and complain or talk about me behind my back if needed – but then come talk to me about it afterwards.  If I don’t know about what’s bothering them, I can’t resolve the problem or get better. 

  • Raise your hand for help. If someone on the team is struggling to meet a deadline and a project is in jeopardy of not reaching its goal, the expectation is that it is communicated amongst the team.  The other expectation is that team members rally to support the project and the person so the goal can be met. No demoralizing questions are asked – we just surge ahead.  

  • We purposefully take time to be authentic and transparent with each other. Every Thursday I send out two or three questions that each person thinks about and prepares an answer for.  Then during Friday morning Stand-up meetings we set time aside and share our responses to the questions.  The questions range from; What is one thing we do at Vexxit that confuses you? to What is one thing you wish you could stop people from assuming about you?  to What are you absolutely determined to do? 

Building a positive culture takes effort and commitment.  As leaders, we must actively work on creating environments where people want to go to work every day, even if it is remotely.  As workplaces around the globe have changed it is more important than ever to be intentional in our communication and use technology to build relationships.  

Vexxit Business is an amazing online content portal of free information, tips and guidance to help build or maintain a great team.  If you want to take your company to the next level of employee engagement talk to us about the Distinctive Program. It is a tool unlike anything else in the market.  Having the Distinctive Program is transformative and showcases that you value the individuals who work for your company.  

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Julie Rempel

VP, Marketing & Partnerships.

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