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Webinar: A Guide to Vaccine Policies in the Workplace

byScott Hoeppner of TDS Law and Lisa Cefali of Legacy Bowes onMay 19, 2021

As many industries plan for a return to in-person work, “vaccinations and the workplace” is a pressing topic facing leadership teams across the country. As leaders and business owners, there is a responsibility to keep your team safe and healthy in their work environment. An employee’s rights as an individual is also of the utmost priority. Is it a responsibility or a requirement for an organization to develop a vaccine policy? Is a workplace policy the best option? Are there exceptions to the rule? In this webinar, explore these questions and more with panelists including Labour and Employment Lawyer and Partner at TDS Law, Scott Hoeppner, Partner, Executive Search & Strategic Development at Legacy Bowes, Lisa Cefali and moderator Lauren McNabb, Host of CJOB 680 Morning Show, ‘The Start’.


  • Can employers make vaccination mandatory for employees?

  • Can employers ask an employee if they have been vaccinated?

  • Can employers incentivize an employee to get vaccinated?

  • Can employers host a vaccination clinic in the workplace?

  • What if employees are required to travel as part of their job? How will the vaccine passport work?

  • Providing time off to get a vaccine or for a child to get vaccinated

  • What is the best way to approach this from an HR and legal perspective so the employer and employees are valued and their health and safety are prioritized?

  • How do you talk to employees about this?

  • As a business owner, what are my rights? Can I make a policy that all employees have to be vaccinated?

  • As an employee, what are my rights? Do I have to get vaccinated? Do I have a right to be safe and protected (ie: all employees vaccinated?)

  • If you do decide to implement a policy as an employer what about exceptions to the rule? (ie: religious reasons, health reasons that someone cannot get vaccinated?)

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