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Building High-Value Teams Part III: Team Relationships

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byJudy Murphy, Murphy’s Executive Leadership onAugust 17, 2021

People and their teams are the key drivers to organizational success. There are five critical areas that teams need to pay attention to ensure that their organizations stay relevant and add value. We’ll look at one of them in this article.

In previous articles have covered stakeholder expectations and team tasks. This article will explore team relationships.

This is probably what people think of first when considering team development. Team development is only valuable when it is linked to improving the team’s business performance and to helping the team create a greater value with and for all of their stakeholders.

1. The right people are in the team.

Since purpose drives the team, it is critical that the right people be there. Have there been changes to your organization’s strategy as a result of changes in the general environment (ie: COVID-19), a merger or an acquisition? Is the team composition sufficient to bring all necessary stakeholder voices into the room? Consider taking a pause and ensuring that each team’s composition is the right one to drive the organization’s success.

2. There is a healthy culture in the team.

Team members are supportive of one another and have an appropriate level of trust to promote honest conversations. Team members can describe the team culture. There is a common understanding of how conflict is handled and how decisions are made. How would you describe the culture within your team?

3. The team leader is open to change.

Team leaders often will consider what they may need to change to further develop a high value team. How can you, as the team leader, better serve the team’s function? What beliefs or ways of working might you need to change so that you and your team can create high value for all of your stakeholders, thereby driving your organization’s results?

Take a moment to consider how your team relates to one another in order to create high value and realize your business goals. What is working well, what can be improved? How can you improve team relationships to drive business success?

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Judy is a Certified Executive Coach (Royal Roads University), a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR Manitoba), a Certified Management Consultant (CMC Canada) and an FCPA, FCA. She is a Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner. She is also certified in DiSC and Motivators through TTISuccess Insights and in Emotional Intelligence (Eqi2.0 and Eqi360) through MHS Assessments. Get in touch with Judy through her website or connect on Linkedin.

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