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5 Simple Steps for Creating a Healthy Work Culture

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byVexxit Staff onDecember 15, 2020

Like anything worthwhile, you have to nurture and cultivate a positive, happy workplace culture. If you’ve never thought about your work culture or want to make yours better reflect your core values, then here are five simple steps to consider.

Before you can begin creating a healthy work culture, you need to understand what it is. A healthy work culture is more than the vibe you get when you walk through the door. A positive vibe definitely does help, but more than that, a healthy work culture sets the tone for how your company employees interact with customers, suppliers, each other and the world at large. Work culture has been described by many experts as the “personality” of a business. It’s the way your employees feel about the work they do combined with the shared values, beliefs, attitudes, practices and goals that, as a business owner, you have instilled in the workplace. With a positive work culture, your employees feel valued. Valued employees are more productive and engaged and that will have a positive impact on your bottom-line, along with your company’s growth potential. Like anything worthwhile, you have to nurture and cultivate a positive, happy workplace culture. If you’ve never thought about your work culture or want to make yours better reflect your core values, then here are five simple steps to consider.  

1. Decide What You Want Your Work Culture to Represent

Before you can create your company’s work culture (or change it), you have to identify the qualities that you want reflected in your culture. Work culture isn’t a “one size fits all” thing. Each business has its own priorities based on the vision of its owners. Ask yourself what you want to achieve, what are your core business values? Think about how your business contributes to bettering the lives of your customers, your employees and society in general. 

2. Get Employees Involved

Get your people involved from the start. Often your employees will have insights into the daily activities that, as a busy small business owner, you might have overlooked. When employees are invited to share their thoughts and insights, you will gain better buy-in and commitment to work culture changes. Once you’ve created a work culture plan, set clear goals and expectations for the organization. Communicate it to your employees and ensure your leadership team exudes the culture as well. 

3. Lead by Example

To drive this home, we’re going deeper on this one. As the business owner and leader, your employees look to you to set the tone. The most powerful way to communicate your work culture vision is to live it. Demonstrate the behaviours and values you want employees to emulate. When you practice what you preach, you’ll see remarkable results.

4. Communicate Openly and Be Transparent

Open, regular communication is essential to maintaining a positive, healthy work culture. Encourage employees to share experiences and concerns. Listen, communicate information in a timely manner and offer constructive feedback. Being transparent about company challenges or what you are trying to achieve builds trust with your employees. Ensure your team feels comfortable to share feedback and let them know that your door is always open.

5. Reward Your Employees + Have a Little Fun

When employees demonstrate the behaviours that best represent your company, recognize, and reward them. When you do, you show other employees the behaviours and values they should embrace. It’s also beneficial to plan fun team-building activities to encourage a positive workplace. They increase employee engagement, strengthen social interactions and build trust between team members. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to bring people together to celebrate successes or achievements. 

With more employees working remotely, it can be more difficult to keep the culture thriving. Although everyday interactions have been replaced with video calls and group chats, shared work culture isn’t completely lost. As a business leader, you can find ways to maintain and grow the culture and strengthen your shared values and purpose even in a virtual world. Countless studies prove that a positive, healthy work culture leads to happier, more productive employees. Happy employees are more engaged and committed to your success. They will promote your company, which will strengthen your company’s reputation, differentiating you from your competition and attracting more opportunities. Creating and investing in a positive, healthy work culture is an ongoing effort. It’s not a one-time thing – but the payoff is immeasurable. 

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