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Simplifying Federal COVID-19 Relief for your Business: CEWS, CERS and the CEBA Loan

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byLauren McNabb, Leilani Kagan and Ken Goodridge onJanuary 14, 2021

Vexxit partners with Manitoba Chambers of Commerce to bring you a webinar on navigating COVID-19 federal relief funding for business owners.  

In this 60-minute webinar, host Lauren McNabb of 680 CJOB morning show "The Start" along with presenters Leilani Kagan of TDS Law and Ken Goodridge of Lazer Grant LLP will walk us through the big 3 federal funds.

If you haven't yet explored eligibility for federal COVID-19 emergency relief, you could be missing out on significant financial support for your business. 

Key Topics

  • Understanding the main reason for hesitation in applying for funding

  • Overview and eligibility of the CEWS

  • Overview and eligibility of the CERS

  • Overview and eligibility of the CEBA loan

  • Q&A with business owners

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